What is Phyn?
Phyn is an intelligent water monitor that is installed on the main water line of your home.  Once installed, your in-home water use will be monitored and analyzed 24/7 for leaks and consumption itemization.

What is the Phyn Pilot Program?
We are inviting a select group of homeowners to take a sneak peek at Phyn.  By doing so, we will be able to make Phyn more accurate at detecting leaks and itemizing water use in different home environments. If selected, you will help shape the future of Phyn by providing feedback throughout the course of the pilot. 

How long does the Pilot last?
The pilot is expected to last up to 12 months.

How long will it take to install Phyn at my home?
Typical installation takes around two (2) hours. During that time, our installer will add Phyn to your plumbing system and connect the device to your home's Wi-Fi network. 

Who will install Phyn at my home?
Phyn has a network of trained certified professional installers that are licensed and bonded. A Phyn installer will be assigned to you based on your geographic location and their service area, and we will coordinate installation directly with you.

Does it cost anything?
The Phyn pilot is 100% free of cost to you. All installation, maintenance and other fees are being paid by Phyn. We only ask for your timely, honest feedback in return for your participation.

Will I need to get a permit to install Phyn?
Our professional installer will obtain any permits required by city and/or state regulations before installing Phyn at your home.

Do I get to keep Phyn after the pilot?
Yes, you get to keep Phyn after the pilot is completed.  Upon completion of the pilot program, our Phyn installer will return to replace your beta unit with the final commercialized unit at no cost to you.

What do I have to do once Phyn is installed at my home?
As soon as Phyn is installed you will have access to a mobile app that will alert you to any leaks in your home, and show you how much water you are consuming in your home. We will be making improvements and additions to this experience throughout the pilot program. 

From time to time, we may send you SMS text messages with links to surveys to ask you about your water usage, certain fixtures and/or request that you run certain tests within your system. By doing so, you will help us validate our data. These requests will be completely voluntary, however the information you provide will allow us to improve our product and ensure a superior homeowner experience once we launch worldwide.

Do I have to share my water utility bills with Phyn?
While it is not mandatory to share your utility bill with Phyn, doing so will enable us to compare your billed usage with our results to validate our findings.

Who will have access to my water usage data?
Your data privacy is paramount to us. Your will have access to your data through your own private mobile app experience. We will be sharing data with select 3rd party companies, but they will never see your individual personal identifiable information, water usage data or any other information that you choose to share. All data collected will be anonymized and grouped with those of other households that are participating in the pilot. 

How are you choosing pilot participants?
We are looking for a diverse range of geographies, homes, plumbing and fixture types in order to expose Phyn to as many different environments as possible.