We're even more excited than you to get your Phyn Device installed
But first, you have to get the Phyn app and complete a few simple steps:  


Add the Phyn App to your mobile home screen

For iOS: Using Safari, go to phynbeta.com

Click on the “share” icon at the bottom of your browser window (square with an arrow pointing up). Then click “Add to Home Screen” . Then “Add” on the top right. The Phyn app icon should now appear on your home screen.

For Android: Using Chrome, go to phynbeta.com.

Open up the menu (three dots on top right). Then click “Add to Home Screen” . Then click “Add”. The Phyn app icon should now appear on your home screen. 



Sign in, enter your contact info & tell us when to call

Sign in using the email address you signed up with for the pilot. Only that email will work.  Answer a few questions about your plumbing. 

Then provide your mobile number and best time for an installer to call you.

This information will be sent to a Phyn certified installer who will reach out to you to set up installation.


Add all the plumbing fixtures in your home to the app

In the app, we'll ask you to inventory the rooms in your home and all of your sinks, showers, baths, toilets and more. Please add anything and everything that you can think of that touches water in your home.

This is an important step for us to be able to teach our system about all of the different plumbing fixtures and types that exist out there in the world.



Press Finished

When you are done adding all of your fixtures (should take around 5 minutes) press "Finished". This tells us that you are ready to have Phyn installed.

An installer will not contact you until you hit the FINISHED button.