We want to ensure there is reliable water for as many people as possible, for as long as possible. 

Phyn is a joint venture of Belkin International, a global leader in consumer technology and the Internet of Things, and Uponor, a leading supplier of plumbing for residential and commercial spaces worldwide.  

Why Phyn?

The idea of Phyn began nearly a decade ago when the looming disaster of global water shortages was starting to make headlines. We realized that water is our most vital natural resource, yet there has been a fundamental lack of technological innovation dedicated to solving these major issues. 

People unknowingly waste trillions of gallons of water per year, largely because you can't fix something that you don't know is broken. But what if you could? We believe that creating the tools to address issues before they start is the key to saving water, saving money and, just maybe, saving the planet. 

How we got here

In 2010, Belkin acquired clean energy start-up Zensi, led by University of Washington professor, Dr. Shwetak Patel, who now serves as Belkin’s Chief Scientist and continues to be involved in research and development. Zensi had made significant strides in the areas of sensors and machine learning in the home. Under Belkin’s stewardship this technology became known as WeMo Water, and a dedicated team with millions in continued research and development created a real-world solution.

In May of 2016, Uponor joined Belkin as a strategic partner to take this product to the next level and Phyn was born. Uponor's deep ties to the professional plumbing and construction industries enable Phyn to accelerate our impact on solving the issue of water waste.

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