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Full Suite of Products

Phyn has built an ecosystem of products working together to provide a complete environmental monitoring system. Protecting your home from humidity, leaks, temperature changes, water pressure, and more.


Monitor all your Phyn devices from a single dashboard. Providing real-time leak alerts and advanced usage metrics to help you save.

#1 Accuracy

Phyn Plus has been proven to be the most accurate solution on the market by independent industry leaders and water authorities.

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Measuring pressure waves.

240 times a second.

The science behind Phyn was developed in the labs of the University of Washington and at Belkin. Phyn Plus measures tiny changes in pressure 240 times every second to understand the unique voice of each water fixture in your home. This allows Phyn to understand the subtle differences between a running bath, a drip leak, and a burst pipe.

Tailored to your Business

Customized Solutions

Phyn understands the needs of your business and will work with you to provide the best solutions and customized packages of smart water products. Helping you sustainably grow and protect your business.

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We provide you with all the resource needed to launch and build with Phyn. Every partner gains access to their own portal with training, marketing, documents and more.

Key Industries


We make it easy for insurance companies and policyholders to protect and minimize loss.

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Property Management

Manage multiple units all from one dashboard.

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Create additional value with each project. Ask about bulk discounts.

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Keep your customers happy and prevent unexpected usage pikes.

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Build a business of high-value customers and be first on the call.

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