Portfolio management – HOAs – REITs
2% of your properties will experience a $9600 leak this year.
Phyn can help you mitigate these losses. Monitor all of your properties so you can proactively repair plumbing issues, turn off the water remotely, and address increases in water costs.
Leaks are an $8 Billion business.
Lower your risk of water loss while gathering valuable actuarial data to model future programs. Offer additional value to your subscribers through affinity programs .
Get better insights to make better decisions
Phyn’s dashboard gives you access to new data sets to understand when and how homes are using water. Provide tools and rebates to incentivize conservation to meet your goals.
Security & Automation
Integrate leak monitoring to offer true whole-home protection
Phyn’s suite of APIs enable you to add leak notifications and water use insights to your smart home offering. Empower your users to conserve water and proactively maintain their plumbing systems.
Reduce your water bill by 10% by identifying leaks and water waste
Phyn’s technology can help you understand how your business uses water, what fixtures need to be replaced, and where you have small leaks and other issues to address and save money.
See how Phyn is partnering with restaurants in the city of Santa Fe to reduce water waste >
Phyn catches all types of leaks
Toilet flapper leaks
Supply line leaks
Water left on
Catastrophic bursts
Frozen pipes
Pinhole leaks
Drip leaks
Unusual usage
Irrigation leaks