What options can be configured in Account and Settings in the Phyn App?

You can configure the following in the Account section of the Phyn app: 


  • Profile:
    • Change your name, your mobile phone number, email and password
  • Home fixture inventory
    • Update the inventory of the water using fixtures in your home
  • Address
    • Update the home address associated with your Phyn Plus device
  • Plumber contact
    • Update your plumber’s name and phone number (used for click to call within the Phyn app)
  • Connect to Alexa
    • Connect your Phyn Plus to your Amazon Alexa account


You can configure the following in the Settings tab in the Phyn App:

  • Update Wi-Fi
    • Change the Wi-Fi network that the Phyn Plus device is connected to
  • Notifications
    • Choose how you receive alerts- receive push notifications and text messages, push notifications only or text message only  
  • System Units
    • You can change between Imperial and Metric systems
  • Auto Shutoff 
    • Choose to enable or disable Phyn Plus’ Auto Shutoff feature
  • Plumbing Check
    • Choose to disable automated Plumbing Checks or schedule times when you would like Plumbing Checks to occur
  • Phyn Device displays status of the following:
    • Online / Offline status
    • Signal Strength
    • Timezone
    • Firmware Version
    • MAC address
    • Serial Number

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