What type of Internet connection is required for the Phyn Plus?

A Broadband Internet connection is required for the Phyn Plus.

The Internet connection for the Phyn Plus should be:

  • Broadband speed, i.e. high-speed DSL, Fiber, Cable, Satellite, etc.
  • “Always on”
  • Available at the location where the Phyn Plus is installed
  • Not on plan that is restricted by data caps or data throttling.**

**The Phyn Plus uploads approximately 200 Megabytes of data per day which equals about 6 Gigabytes of data per month.

Phyn recommends a data upload speed of 5 Mbps or higher.

An Internet connection using a Mobile Hotspot is not supported.  Mobile Hotspot connections are not “Always on”.  After a power outage such connections do not reconnect and would leave the home unprotected.