Will Phyn Plus notify me in the event of a water leak?

The Phyn Plus device is designed to notify you in the event of unusual water usage that could potentially be a water leak.  The Phyn Plus device will also notify you of water usage that is not a leak and ask you to identify the fixture in your home that generated the water usage.  Through this process, the Phyn Plus device “learns” what is normal water usage, and what type of usage could be a potential leak.

How it works

  1. Once unusual water usage is detected, an SMS message will be sent advising: “Unusual water activity detected”
  2. A push notification will appear on your phone, prompting you to launch the Phyn App to view the water activity
  3. You will be guided through a few questions to determine if the water event was a leak or normal water usage.
  4. The first question is about the water usage activity and whether or not you know what is causing it.
Water Usage Notification - 1
  1. If you tap “Yes”, you will be asked whether or not it is a leak.

Leak Questionnaire flow Screen 2

  1. If you tap “Yes”, you will be given the option of calling the plumber and asked if you want to turn off your water to stop the leak.  If you tap “No”, you will be presented with a list of fixtures that could be causing the water usage.

Leak Questionnaire flow Screen 3

  1. If you choose “None of these”, you will be prompted to tell us what fixture was causing the water usage.

Leak Questionnaire flow Screen 4

  1. A list of your home fixture inventory will be displayed.  You can select the fixture type which will highlight the fixture in blue.  If the fixture type is not on the list, you can enter it manually on the top line.

Leak Questionnaire flow Screen 5

  1. The application will acknowledge your selection.  Tap Okay when complete

Leak Questionnaire flow Screen 6

  1. Another message will appear when the water usage event has stopped

Leak Questionnaire flow Screen 28

  1. The leak event will now appear in the Resolved section under Alerts classified by the Fixture type you selected.  The water usage flow events are categorized as Low flow, Medium flow and High flow.

Leak Questionnaire flow Screen 7

  1. If you tap on the Resolved alert, additional information will be displayed.

Leak Questionnaire flow Screen last