What is «Plumbing Check» and how does it work?


Plumbing Checks look for activity associated with tiny leaks in your plumbing system that can create damage over time. During a Plumbing Check, your water will be turned off as Phyn monitors tiny pressure variations in your pipes.  When a Plumbing Check is run, you cannot be using any water in your home or it will interrupt the test.  You can see the results of these Plumbing Checks in the Phyn app.

Phyn automatically runs these Plumbing Checks at times that it knows you are not likely to use water, like in the middle of the night. If you do turn on your water during a Plumbing Check, the test will automatically be interrupted and your water will resume flowing as it normally does.  You can adjust the times when these automatic Plumbing Checks will run on the Phyn App.  You can also temporarily disable automatic Plumbing Checks if you wish on the Phyn App.

You, or your plumber, can also run a Plumbing Check at any time from the Phyn app – just go to the main menu and select “Plumbing Check” then select Run Test.  The test lasts approximately 4-5 minutes.  You can exit the app while a Plumbing Check is running, Phyn will alert you when it is over with your results.

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