Do I need to “teach” Phyn Smart Water Assistant?

Phyn Smart Water Assistant learns each of your home’s fixtures over time. It also relies on your feedback to help it understand the use of water in your home. To teach Phyn, you can re-label the event and help it correct itself. The more you label events, the more accurate Phyn will be for you in reporting water usage and distinguishing normal events from leaks.

Will Phyn Smart Water Assistant work if I live in a condo or multi-unit dwelling?

Phyn is intended for structures that are individually plumbed, typically found in a single family home. Phyn can work in a condo or multi-unit dwelling if certain conditions are met. The plumbing must be individually plumbed (each unit having its own main supply line, meter and shut-off valve) and isolated with a pressure reducing valve. If you are interested in learning more about how you can have Phyn Smart Water Assistant or Phyn Plus installed in a multi-family dwelling give us a call at 877.749.6792.

What do I need to install the Phyn Smart Water Assistant?

To install the Phyn Smart Water Assistant you will need an adjustable wrench to unscrew your hot and cold water lines from the angle stops under your sink and to tighten the Phyn sensors in place. You will need a cup or bucket to catch the water that comes out of your water lines when they are emptied. We recommend that you also have a towel handy. Additionally if you choose to screw the mounts to your cabinet you will need a screwdriver and/or a drill to make pilot holes. Once you are finished with your installation we recommend that you leave a pan or dry towel under your water lines and check back a few times within the first 12 hours of installation to make sure that your connections are tight and that there are no leaks.

How does Phyn Smart Water Assistant find tiny drip and pinhole leaks?

Phyn’s Plumbing Check feature catches tiny leaks and issues such as pinhole leaks. This feature requires the user to turn off their water manually at the main and then run a diagnostic test in the Phyn App. During this time Phyn is looking for any loss of pressure in the pipes to determine if there are issues, and how severe they are. You will receive an alert to let you know that the Plumbing Check is complete and that you can turn your water back on.