Does Phyn Plus come with a guarantee?

When Phyn Plus is purchased and installed by a member of the Uponor Pro Squad, you will receive the benefits of an additional year of warranty and a guarantee covering up to $3000 of your insurance deductible, if Phyn Plus misses a leak that causes damage. See warranty for specific details. Phyn Plus units purchased online and installed by a member of the Uponor Pro Squad are not eligible for these additional benefits.

What types of leaks will Phyn Plus find?

Phyn Plus will detect leaks in your water delivery system such as pinhole leaks, drip leaks, pipe bursts, toilet flapper leaks, and leaks in supply-line hoses to clothes and dishwashers. Phyn will also alert you if water has been running longer than normal. Phyn will not catch roof leaks and leaks or stoppages in outflow lines (e.g. a clogged sink or sewer line).