Does Phyn Smart Water Assistant work with any other smart home devices?

Phyn works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT (If This Then That).

Do I need to "teach" Phyn Smart Water Assistant?

Phyn Smart Water Assistant learns each of your home’s fixtures over time. It also relies on your feedback to help it understand the use of water in your home. To teach Phyn, you can re-label the event and help it correct itself. The more you label events, the more accurate Phyn will be for you in reporting water usage and distinguishing normal events from leaks.

Will Phyn Smart Water Assistant work if I live in a condo or multi-unit dwelling?

Phyn is intended for structures that are individually plumbed, typically found in a single family home. Phyn can work in a condo or multi-unit dwelling if certain conditions are met. The plumbing must be individually plumbed (each unit having its own main supply line, meter and shut-off valve) and isolated with a pressure reducing valve. If you are interested in learning more about how you can have Phyn Smart Water Assistant or Phyn Plus installed in a multi-family dwelling give us a call at 877.749.6792.

How long will installing the Phyn Smart Water Assistant take me?

The physical installation of the Smart Water Assistant should take between 15-30 minutes depending on whether you screw the mount to your cabinets or use the included 3M adhesive strip.

What do I need to install the Phyn Smart Water Assistant?

To install the Phyn Smart Water Assistant you will need an adjustable wrench to unscrew your hot and cold water lines from the angle stops under your sink and to tighten the Phyn sensors in place. You will need a cup or bucket to catch the water that comes out of your water lines when they are emptied. We recommend that you also have a towel handy. Additionally if you choose to screw the mounts to your cabinet you will need a screwdriver and/or a drill to make pilot holes. Once you are finished with your installation we recommend that you leave a pan or dry towel under your water lines and check back a few times within the first 12 hours of installation to make sure that your connections are tight and that there are no leaks.

How does Phyn Smart Water Assistant find tiny drip and pinhole leaks?

Phyn’s Plumbing Check feature catches tiny leaks and issues such as pinhole leaks. This feature requires the user to turn off their water manually at the main and then run a diagnostic test in the Phyn App. During this time Phyn is looking for any loss of pressure in the pipes to determine if there are issues, and how severe they are. You will receive an alert to let you know that the Plumbing Check is complete and that you can turn your water back on.

What types of leaks will Phyn Smart Water Assistant detect?

Phyn Smart Water Assistant gives you the tools to detect drip and pinhole leaks through the Plumbing Check feature. It will also detect toilet flapper leaks, catastrophic bursts and supply line hose leaks to washing machines and dishwashers. Phyn will alert you if your water has been left on for too long and it will let you know that a pipe is starting to freeze before it bursts so you can take action in your home.

Phyn will not catch roof leaks and leaks or stoppages in outflow lines (e.g. a clogged sink or sewer line).

How do I know if I have a PRV?

If you know where your water shut off valve is located, you can look for your PRV. It is typically within a few feet of this shutoff and it looks like a bell.

Will Phyn Smart Water Assistant work if I don’t have a PRV?

If you don’t have a Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV), you will be able to monitor your water pressure in real-time from the Phyn app and perform manual Plumbing Checks to proactively check for leaks. However, Phyn will require a much longer timeframe to achieve a high level of accuracy.

During this time you may experience more frequent “false alerts” from Phyn and Phyn’s ability to accurately show you the water use of the different fixtures in your home will be limited.  We estimate that Phyn Smart Water Assistant will become more accurate in homes without PRVs this spring.

What is a Plumbing Check?

A Plumbing Check is a diagnostic test that you can perform anytime to detect small issues such as pinhole leaks and drip leaks. In order to run a Plumbing Check with Phyn Smart Water Assistant you will need to turn off your water at the main. Once your water is shut off, the pressure in your pipes should be stable with no water escaping from your pipes and no resulting pressure loss. A Plumbing Check takes about 3-5 minutes as Phyn looks to see if there is any pressure lost during this duration. Phyn will alert you if the pressure loss is abnormal or indicative of a leak issue. 

We suggest that you run a Plumbing Check at least every two to four weeks to ensure that your home is water tight. Small leaks that go undetected for a long period of time can cause major issues. 

Does it matter which sensor i put on the hot or cold line?

It does not matter which sensor is installed on the hot or cold line. They are interchangeable.

How can I tell if my outlet is unswitched under my sink?

If you have an outlet and have your garbage disposal already plugged into it you can perform a simple test. Unplug the disposal from the outlet and then plug your phone into this outlet. If it shows that it is charging it is an unswitched outlet. If it does not begin to charge, it is likely a switched outlet. Turn on the switch that controls the disposal under your sink and if your phone shows it is now charging that confirms that it is a switched outlet.

Do I get a discount on my homeowners insurance if Phyn Plus is installed?

Some insurance companies offer standard discounts that will apply to Phyn Plus. Please check with your insurance company before you purchase to see if they offer a policy discount.

I live in (or manage) a multi-family apartment building. Will Phyn Plus work for me?

Phyn Plus is intended for single family homes, with individual water meters. However, some multi-family dwellings that have individual plumbing lines and meters for each unit are compatible with Phyn Plus. Typically a PRV will also need to be installed in each unit as well.

Will Phyn Plus automatically turn off my water in the event of a leak?

Once installed, Phyn will learn how you normally use water in your home. After this initial learning period, which is different for every home, it will unlock the ability to turn off your water automatically in the event of an abnormally high flow. Phyn will always send you an alert when a potential leak is detected, and will give you the power to turn off your water remotely using the free Phyn app.

Are there subscription or recurring fees to use Phyn?

No, Phyn does not charge you any recurring subscription fees.