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How do I operate the Shutoff valve on the Phyn Plus?

The shutoff valve on the Phyn Plus device can be operated using several methods.  The shutoff valve can even be operated manually in the event of a power outage.Shutoff valve operation (on the Phyn App)Launch the Phyn app on your phoneTap the Menu icon in the upper left-hand cornerTap the toggle switch at the bottom of the pageThe shutoff valve will engage to stop water flowThe LED display will display a “blocked” display showing water flowing on

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I got a “Plumbing Check Leak” alert from Phyn’s Plumbing Check, what does this mean?

In addition to constantly watching your pipes for leaks, Phyn runs diagnostic tests called Plumbing Checks that discover the tiniest of leaks, as small as a few drips per minute. When Phyn runs a Plumbing check, it turns off your water for a few minutes and monitors the pressure in your pipe. If there is any loss of pressure during the Plumbing Check, it will send you an alert that could mean a few things:You could have a dripping faucet or spigot. Visually inspect all of the spigots and faucets in and around your home to see if they need to be closed, tightened or fixed.

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Understanding Leak Alerts

Phyn sends you an alert when it has noticed an unusual flow of water in your home that has lasted at least 20 minutes and has used at least 6 gallons of water.  If Phyn’s Auto Shutoff is enabled, you will receive a second alert 10 minutes after the first alert is issued. If you do not respond to this second alert within 15 minutes, Phyn will shut your water off.

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