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The Phyn Plus will work with any Wi-Fi router with a dedicated 2.4GHz network SSID and that can be configured to use either of these security profiles: WEP – Works,… Read More
The Phyn Plus will work in homes that have a whole house water pressure booster pump, like the Grundfos Scala2. The Phyn Plus will detect water usage events. However, because… Read More
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Phyn Smart Water Assistant is meant for single family homes or other structures that are individually plumbed. Phyn can work in a condo or multi-unit dwelling if certain conditions are… Read More
Phyn will capture your irrigation use and monitor for leaks if your irrigation is after (or downstream) of your Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) or if it is branched after the… Read More
  The water flow animation will appear in the Activity Monitor tab: ​When water is being used within your internal plumbing network When your water is turned on after having… Read More
If plumbing check sends you an alert, it is typically caused by one of two things: You have a leak that you are unaware of, potentially a pinhole leak in… Read More
Phyn Smart Water Assistant uses the characteristics of the pressure change of your water to correlate the amount of water being used by a fixture. It therefore shows you a… Read More
The Phyn Plus will shut off your water under the following circumstances: The Phyn Plus detects an unusual water usage event Phyn will send you an SMS and in-app Push… Read More

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