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Do I have to enter a mobile phone number to set up my Phyn account on the Phyn app? Can I enter a landline phone number instead?

You must enter a mobile phone number when prompted during account setup.  The Phyn App is designed to send messages to your mobile phone using both SMS and in-app push messaging.  Such messaging requires that you are on a mobile phone and not on a landline phone.  If you enter a landline phone number instead of a mobile phone number, an error message will be displayed.

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What is “Auto Shutoff” and how does it work?

Auto Shutoff is a feature that allows Phyn Plus to automatically shut off the water to your home in the case of a leak.Auto Shutoff is disabled by default until Phyn has enough help to determine when it is appropriate to shut off your water. Once it has enough information from your home’s water use, you will receive a notification to let you know that it is ready.You can also choose to turn the Auto Shutoff feature on at any point, but we advise that you should wait until the system has learned enough about your home’s water usage.

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Phyn Is Closed for the Weekend 

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If you have a plumbing Emergency please call a plumber for assistance

The answers to most common support issues can be found at the Phyn Help Center:

These include:

For Urgent Issues, You Can Email:, response times will vary

  • Urgent Issues: No water to the home after following the instructions outlined above or a major water leak

Note: Emails of a Non-Urgent Nature Will Not Receive A Reply

Normal Support Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST excluding major Holidays.

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