Choosing where to install Phyn Plus


Phyn Plus can be installed indoors or outdoors, horizontally or vertically. The device cannot be installed in a location where it can be submerged.

Install Phyn Plus on the main water distribution pipe immediately after the main shutoff valve and before connections or branches to any plumbing fixture(s) or other devices.

  • Phyn monitors pipes that are located “after” or downstream of the unit.
  • Fixtures or pipes, including irrigation or water softeners, that are located “before” or upstream of the unit will not be able to be monitored.

Phyn Plus must be located within 15 feet of a 120V electrical outlet.  We recommend using only an outlet equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

WARNING: There is risk of electric shock if Phyn Plus is not mounted the required minimum distance from the ground. The device must be mounted
such that the lowest edge of the enclosure is at least 12 inches above the ground surface.


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