I am unable to create my Phyn Account. My cell phone is not receiving the 6-digit code to complete account activation

If you are unable to create your Phyn Account because your cell phone is not receiving the 6-digit code, the issue is usually caused by your cell phone number having SMS Short Code Messaging blocked by your wireless phone carrier.

Note:  Some wireless phone carriers in the USA, such as T-Mobile, automatically block short code messaging when a phone number is ported over or transferred in from another carrier to that carrier through number porting.   The short code blocking issue normally affects all short codes except the short code used by  the phone carrier itself.  Short Code blocking by a phone carrier also affects short code messages sent by credit card companies, retailers, airlines, etc.

  • Before proceeding ensure that you are on a wireless price plan that includes SMS text messaging and that you are in an area where you have access to voice service from your phone carrier.
  • To resolve, you must contact your phone carrier customer support phone number.  On most cell phones you can dial 611
  • Ask to be transferred to the Technical Support department.
  • Advise them that you are unable to receive short code messages from Phyn.
  • Phyn’s short code is:  56504
  • Ensure that the carrier completely removes the short code blocking and does not just temporarily lift the blocking.  Phyn uses the short code to send you important SMS text message alerts about water usage using short code messaging from short code 56504.
  • After the carrier has resolved the Short code blocking issue, you may receive several 6-digit activation codes via SMS, especially if you had tapped “re-send” several times.
  • Do not use any of these 6-digit activation codes.
  • Restart the process to create your Phyn account.  Use the new 6-digit code you will receive via SMS messaging.


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