What is IFTTT?

IFTTT (If This Then That) helps you connect all of your different apps and devices. When you sign up for a free IFTTT account, you can turn on Applets that help your apps and devices work together to do specific things they couldn’t do otherwise.

How can I gets started with IFTTT?

Sign up for a free IFTTT account and when you choose to use or create an applet with Phyn, IFTTT will prompt you to log in to your Phyn account from the IFTTT website. Learn more here.

What can I do with Phyn and IFTTT?

Lots of things! Turn your Hue lights blue when you get a leak alert, or have your thermostat turn up when you get a freeze warning from Phyn. You can get started with the Applets that we’ve created or you create your own applet


How do I build my own applets for Phyn with IFTTT?

Check out the IFTTT site to learn more about how easy it is to set up new applets.

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