What is “Offline Leak Protection” and how does it work?

Offline Leak Protection protects your home from catastrophic leaks, even if your Phyn device loses it’s Wi-Fi connection. Loss of Wi-Fi connection could occur for many reasons, i.e. Internet Service Provider outage, Hardware failure or firmware Issue with your Internet Service Provider modem, Wireless router or wireless repeater. Any of these events could cause your Phyn Plus to lose Wi-Fi connectivity to the Phyn cloud.  It is very important for the home owner to restore the Wi-Fi connection as soon as possible.  Click here for more information.

With Offline Leak Protection enabled, when your Phyn Plus is not connected through Wi-Fi to the Phyn cloud, but still connected to electricity, the device will check for catastrophic leaks using a predetermined threshold (high flow rate and minutes of flow duration). If the high flow rate at the predetermined minutes of flow duration threshold is met, your water will be turned off.

  • Note:  With Offline Leak Protection enabled, if the high flow rate has started, but the flow rate decreases below the predetermined flow rate at any time during the flow duration period, your water will not be turned off.
  • IMPORTANT:  With Offline Leak Protection enabled, the Phyn Plus is not connected through Wi-Fi to the Phyn Cloud.  For that reason, you will not receive either in-App Push notifications or SMS text message notifications to alert you that your water has been shut off.  Once the Wi-Fi connection of the Phyn Plus is restored, you will receive the notifications. 
  • IMPORTANT:  With Offline Leak Protection enabled, the Phyn Plus is not connected through Wi-Fi to the Phyn Cloud.  If your water has been turned off by Offline Leak Protection, you will not be able to turn the water back on through the App.  To turn the water back on, you will have to press and hold the blue button on the Phyn Plus.  See Shutoff valve operation on the Phyn Plus device, with electrical power for more information.  
  • IMPORTANT:  Please note that water should not be turned off while certain motorized appliances are operating.  Some, but not all water softeners, conditioners, acid neutralizers, RO filters, whole home filtration systems and irrigation systems have motors that can burn out if operated without water. In some cases water quality can be impacted if the fixture is operated without water. Check that your fixtures can operate without water without affecting water quality and whether your fixtures have motors that can be damaged when running without water before enabling Auto Shutoff and/or Offline Leak Protection.


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