What type of external Wi-Fi antenna is compatible with the Phyn Plus device?

External Wi-Fi antenna

The Phyn Plus device has a female RP-SMA antenna port (with outer threads and a male center pin) located underneath the rubberized port access flap on the end of the device that can be connected to an external Wi-Fi antenna.

Any 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi antenna with a male RP-SMA port, (which has inner threads and a center receptacle instead of a male pin), can be used.

Mid-range Wi-Fi external antennas provide a boost of about 9-11 dBi are available.

  • Search Google for “2.4ghz 9dbi Rp-sma Wifi Antenna” to see the selection

Higher-range Wi-Fi external antennas which provide a boost of about 15-18 dBi are available.  Some come with an antenna base and a length of coaxial cable:

  • Search Google for “2.4ghz 15dbi Rp-sma Wifi Antenna” to see the selection


If the Antenna does not give your Phyn Plus device enough signal strength you will need to purchase a Wi-Fi range extender  

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