Will the Phyn Plus work with a whole house water pressure booster pump?

The Phyn Plus will work in homes that have a whole house water pressure booster pump, like the Grundfos Scala2.

  • The Phyn Plus will detect water usage events. However, because of the water booster pump, the Phyn Plus may detect more false events because of the increased noise.
  • The booster pump could have a minor impact on the Phyn Plus’ event detection, possibly delaying the training of the Phyn Plus.
  • This would result in more alerts of possible leaks or unusual water usage compared to a home without the booster pump.
  • The Phyn Plus user should be extra diligent in identifying water usage events and responding to leak alerts in the Phyn App

If the user is aware of these possible impacts then adding a whole house water pressure booster pump should not present a major problem.