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Phyn, the company bringing intelligent water solutions to market, today announced the addition of Mariel Devesa in the key position of Global Head of Business Development. Devesa joins Phyn from Farmers Insurance and will be responsible for leading revenue generation, business strategy and execution ...
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Phyn, the company bringing intelligent water solutions to market, has announced the completion of an additional $10 million investment from Uponor, a leading supplier of plumbing for residential and commercial spaces worldwide. The new investment will be used to further accelerate Phyn’s market ...
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Uponor announces the Uponor Pro Squad, an exclusive nationwide network of expertly trained plumbers and water specialists interested in leveraging the intelligent water technology of Phyn Plus, smart water assistant + shutoff, to grow their businesses. Phyn was formed in 2016 as a joint venture ...
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Phyn, a joint venture between industry giants Belkin International and Uponor, a leading supplier of plumbing for residential and commercial spaces worldwide, is bringing home water use into the digital age with the debut of the Phyn Plus, smart water assistant + shutoff (Phyn Plus) today. Phyn Plus ...
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The water monitoring system Phyn Plus runs daily diagnostic plumbing checks on your pipes, noticing changes in pressure or ultra-low leaks and catching them before they compound. The device can also shut off your water automatically if the situation seems dire. ...
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Insurance Tech Insider
Take a minute to watch some of the advertisements that you would normally fast-forward over when catching up on the shows on your DVR. You’ll notice that in many of these ads, companies are trying to get you to associate their brand and its products with a place or an activity that makes you happy ...
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Green Builder
In the U.S., more than 1 trillion gallons of clean water get wasted through leaks every single year. Homeowners are often alerted to leaks and water damage days or weeks after it has started, which is too late and can be costly and traumatic. The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff tool help ...
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Smart home technology is more than the flashy Jetsons type technology we’ve come to know and love—security cameras, voice assistants, smart lighting, home automation. It’s also becoming a more and more useful way for homeowners to monitor the health of their homes. One of the biggest concerns for ...
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