Phyn Installation

Phyn Smart Water Assistant is designed for easy self-installation under any sink with 3⁄8″ hot and cold water-lines, power and a Wi-Fi signal.

Make sure Phyn Smart Water Assistant is right for your home

Phyn needs:

Hot and Cold lines 3/8” *other sizes require adaptor

WiFi at install location

Unswitched power outlet under your sink

Phyn works best with:

Home Type

Single family homes and townhomes that are plumbed individually. Live in a condo or apartment building?

Pressure reducing valves

Pressure Regulating Valves

Pressure regulating or reducing valves (PRVs) are installed on the main pipe where the water enters the home. They can be essential to the health and maintenance of the plumbing system.

Municipal water providers often increase water pressure to reach homes spread across large distances. Over time water at high pressure levels can lead to the breakdown of pipes and plumbing fixtures. PRVs are installed to bring pressure down to mandated levels and are common in newer homes.

We recommend that all homes have PRVs. If your home does not have a PRV or if yours is malfunctioning, you will be able to monitor your water pressure in real-time from the Phyn app and perform manual Plumbing Checks to proactively check for leaks. However, Phyn will require a much longer timeframe to achieve a high level of accuracy.

3⁄8″ hot and cold-water angle stops and water hoses

Phyn Smart Water Assistant connects to 3⁄8″ angle stops and water hoses under a sink. Most are already 3⁄8″ but if yours are ½” you will need a set of adapters, which can be purchased from any plumbing supply or hardware store.

How to install Phyn on ½” angle stops

You will need a set of ½” Female (FIP) to 3⁄8″ Male Adapter and also a set of ½” Male (MIP) to 3⁄8″ Female Adapter.

½” Female (FIP) to 3⁄8″ Male Adapter

½” Male (MIP) to 3⁄8″ Female Adapter

Connect the ½” Female (FIP) to 3⁄8″ Male Adapter to the angle stop.

Thread the Phyn Smart Water Assistant Sensor to the angle stop adapter.

Connect the ½” Male (MIP) to 3⁄8″ Female Adapter to the sensor, then connect hose.

Yes, Phyn Smart Water Assistant is designed to be an easy DIY install. Please watch the installation video for full details.

Installation should only take an hour or two including setup. Before you start, make sure you have an unswitched open outlet, angle stops and water hoses are 3⁄8”, and your smartphone to pair your device.

Some angle stops are ½”. If this is the case, you can purchase a ½ – 3⁄8” adapter online or at a plumbing supply or hardware store.

Yes, this should be a simple job for a professional plumber. We recommend sending the link to the installation video so the plumber can give you a proper estimate.

The connectors have a built-in rubber seal to create a tight fit. Pipe dope or teflon plumbers tape is only needed if a leak in the connectors is identified after the installation is completed.

Installation requires a few common household tools: Adjustable Wrench, Paper Towels, Bucket, Drill or Screwdriver, Pen.

Yes, Phyn Smart Water Assistant requires power supply to operate and does not have a battery backup.

If you have an outlet and have your garbage disposal already plugged into it you can perform a simple test. Unplug the disposal from the outlet and then plug your phone into this outlet. If it shows that it is charging it is an unswitched outlet. If it does not begin to charge, it is likely a switched outlet. Turn on the switch that controls the disposal under your sink and if your phone shows it is now charging that confirms that it is a switched outlet.

We recommend having a licensed electrician convert one of your outlet receptacles to have it unswitched.

You can purchase an outlet adapter at any local hardware store to turn a single outlet into a double (or multi) outlet.

Phyn is designed to monitor your whole home from a single location. As long as there is easy access to a hot line, a cold line, and an available electrical outlet you can install Phyn under any sink you choose.

It does not matter which sensor is installed on the hot or cold line. They are interchangeable.

The Wi-Fi signal must be available at the location where the Phyn device is installed. To improve the signal you can move your router closer to the installation location or consider buying an extender.