Your water like you’ve never seen it
Science in high definition
Developed over a decade by machine learning researchers at the University of Washington and Belkin International, Phyn’s proprietary leak detection technology utilizes high definition ultrasonic sensors to sample the pressure in your plumbing system 240 times every second. This produces an unparalleled view of the unique signatures of each fixture in your home.
The path to a leak free home
Intelligence in action
Once Phyn is installed, it matches your fixtures to the pressure signatures it has already seen from 40+ million showers, toilet flushes, pool fills, and washing machine loads.
Fewer false positives
If Phyn ever sees a profile that looks like a leak, it will alert you, giving you the opportunity to turn off your water from your phone. It will also allow you to teach it about plumbing features unique to your home so it doesn’t ever shut off your water when you need it.
Fingerprinting your fixtures
Phyn immediately begins to learn the fixtures specific to your home, creating profiles for each of them to give you insights into how much water is being used, and to understand the normal water use patterns of your home.
24/7 protection
Once Phyn has learned your home’s plumbing, it will enable its “Auto Shutoff” and turn the water off for you if there is a damaging leak. As a secondary measure, Phyn runs a daily Plumbing Check to ensure that you are aware of even the smallest leaks and issues.
Deciphering the language of water
When your water’s pressure, flow and temperature are zoomed in at high definition, Phyn is able to show you a language previously unknown. It can derive dozens of speech patterns that can be used to detect leaks, and only leaks – mitigating false positives.
From the lab to your home
In a one year pilot of over 300 homes across the U.S and Canada, Phyn discovered that over 10% of homes had leak issues big and small. Burst pipes, pinhole leaks, frozen pipes, drip leaks, broken toilet flappers, kids leaving spigots running… Phyn has seen and caught it all.