Reasons to go Pro
Uponor Pro Squad is an elite group of authorized water specialists charged with advancing the plumbing industry and moving water forward.
Buy Phyn Plus + installation from the Uponor Pro Squad to get additional benefits
Home Protect Guarantee
In the unlikely event that you experience water damage in your home as the result of a Phyn Plus error, we will cover your insurance deductible (up to $3,000).
Extended Warranty
The Phyn Plus already has an industry leading two (2) year warranty, however when a member of the Uponor Pro Squad completes your installation your warranty is extended to three (3) years of worry free coverage from the Uponor Pro Squad and your Phyn Plus.
Hands-free installation
The Uponor Pro Squad is exclusively trained on the Phyn Plus product as well as the multiple installation configurations and considerations that can arise in a home. Every plumbing system is different, but each is the life blood of our homes and deserves care and attention from experienced plumbing professional. the Uponor Pro Squad can ensure that your Phyn Plus installation is expertly designed just for you and your home.
Pairing your device
The Uponor Pro Squad has completed the pairing process countless times before. They are able to walk you through it step by step. They will answer any questions that may arise or help troubleshoot in the event of a snag.
Insurance authorization certificate
By having Phyn Plus installed in your home, you may be able to save on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Upon completion of your install, the Uponor Pro Squad will provide you with a certificate for your insurance company. This authorizes that your home’s plumbing system is now being continuously monitored by Phyn Plus and was installed by an expert of the Uponor Pro Squad.